St. John’s Support Centres

Although most of the families in Vanni have resettled in their own places by now, they are still struggling to rebuild permanent housing and livelihoods since the job opportunities are very scarce. As a result, the parents are unable to provide nutritious food and conducive environment for their studies at home after school. Therefore St. John’s College has established 4 support centres in Tharmapuram, Uduthurai, Shanthapuram, and Thaneeruthu in the Vanni region.

Eagle Nest supports this project by providing evening study facilities for the children in those areas. Around 115 children attend these classes at present. This will be complemented by the provision of at least one nutritious meal for each child every day. The other proposed activities are as follows:

1. Conducting exam oriented classes at SJC during vacations.

2. Taking SJC Teachers to organize Special classes in other Districts

3. Organizing Shramadana Trips/ Curricular-Co curricular Trips for SJC students to other Districts.

4. Providing essential needs to the needy children