SJC Staff Quarters


Dear Johnians and Well-wishers,

St. John’s College Jaffna provides quality education to boys from primary to colligiate level. The college also reached out around to 450 internally displaced students affected by the war to help their education. At present we have 174 hostellers and 158 displaced students in school.


The school faces many challenges and one of them is providing residence for the Administrative staff that is willing to care for the students in their co-curricular activities, sports and weak students in their academic work beyond the school hours, but is unable to do so now due to the lack of staff quarters. The College has lost live Teachers’ Quarters due to damages by the war in the past 3 residences adjoining Evarts Hostel, 1 next to Thompson Hostel and the Chaplain’s Quarters (Old Park Rd). Further, the school has to pay very high rent to accommodate the administrative staff.


Care for the students in their co-curricular activities and sports Take care of the weaker students in their academic work beyond school hours Provide extra parental care for the hostellers Give opportunity for the Administrative staff for better planning, implementing and monitoring.


The college has planned to construct 8 units of residences for the staff at the cost of Rs. 5 million Sri Lankan Rs per unit.

Our commitment

Some or many of you may recollect that back in 2003/04, the foundation for a four-unit complex as was laid during the OBA Centenary Celebrations in 2004. UK PPA was committed to fund for 1 unit. Now we need raise £15,000 to fulfil this commitment. The school has very earnestly requested the CSJPPA /CTF to meet a potion of this to the tune of Rs. 5 million before December 2013. We, as the committee has assured the school and the Principal that we will take every measure to communicate this request to the Old Boys in the UK and kindly encourage them to contribute by their own means towards this cause.

How you make your contribution:

  • By paying directly into the designated bank account in UK: Chundikuli Trust Fund No 1, Natwest Bank, Sort code 60-02-13, Account Number 63010593.
  • By cheque(s) made payable to CTF and send it to Dr R Arasaratnam, Treasurer CTF, 9 Tolkien Close, Bedford MK41 0WS.

If you require any further details, please contact DR. Maheswaran Email: