Light for Life

8 visually handicapped children at Nuffield School and Chundikuli Girls’ College are supported by Eagle nest to continue their Education. These children lost their eyesight as a result of the war and some have lost their upper limbs as well. They dropped out of school as a result, and did attend school until they joined Nuffield School and CGC. They are now provided with all materials and financial assistance required to continue their education.

They are also provided with voice recorders to help them record and revise their lessons in class. The girls at CGC have been provided with a laptop and they now follow computing lessons at CGC using software for visually handicapped. They feel that in addition to helping them in their secondary Education, it will also enhance their employment opportunities after the completion of formal Education.

These children are also provided with tuition assistance according to their needs, so that they can make up for the lost years.

6 of the children have passed the G.C.E. O/L examination and are now following A/L classes. These children dream of becoming professionals in their selected fields by pursuing higher Education after A/Ls, and thanks to the generous help of our sponsors, this is now possible.