Eagle Nest

St. John’s College and Chundikuli Girls’ College are two of the oldest and well known educational institutions in Jaffna Sri Lanka, founded by Church Missionary Society (CMS) in 1823 and 1896 respectively. Since their inception, the colleges have been striving to provide quality education to boys and girls from all parts of the Island from primary to secondary levels. The 30 year civil war has been a great challenge to the schools in the past, and rebuilding the lives of children who have lost years of schooling as a result of the war, is one of the challenges faced by colleges at present.

The “Chundikuli Trust Fund” (CTF), a registered charity in the UK formed by the UK resident Alumni of St John’s and Chundikuli Girls’ College in 1984, has maintained dynamic contact with the parent Institutions, supporting improvement of educational facilities and providing opportunities for the education of those in need through scholarships and bursaries.

The “Eagle Nest” project was established by CTF in 2009. This project provides long term educational support for 148 Internally Displaced children through the support of national and international donors and sponsors. The “Eagle Nest” project is also providing support for the education of visually impaired and handicapped children in Chundikuli and in Nuffield school at Kaithady.

The CTF has also been supporting others in need, outsides the school communities. The supply of essential food items and medicine in the aftermath of the Asian Tsunami of December 2004, is one such project.

We are also supporting Educational support classes in 4 Support Centres in Vanni. These centres provide educational support for children in formal education and also provides extra lessons for those who need extra help. Several vocational and self employment training programmes are also being undertaken in addition to the above.

Through reports, testimonies and pictures, this report brings to you, the achievements of what you, with CTF, are supporting.